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Absentee Owner Leads: 

Real Estate Professionals - A list of Absentee Owners is ideal for real estate professionals as it may consist of motivated sellers, especially those who own single family homes. These owners may be tired of managing a property that they do not occupy. Additionally, Absentee Owners may be investors in the market to increase their inventory of homes. Engage these prospects by providing great information in a targeted and informative way. The real estate ABSENTEE OWNER of the selected property can be found in any area of the country you chose. You can omit or select any area. Some times, absentee owners living in the same zip, county, or even state with the property are omitted. These absentee owners can be selected by their available home equity in the property, length of ownership of the property and other variables. The real estate ABSENTEE OWNER database is an important resource for investors and real estate agents who are looking to purchase properties with equity.

  • Owner Full Name
  • Owner Mailing Address
  • Last Market Sale Date
  • Last Market Sale Price
  • Free and Clear Properties
  • LTV
  • Current Home Value
  • Mailing address and property address
  • Property Type

Absentee Owner List Example:

Owner 1 Name
Owner 2 Name
Mailing Address
Property Address
Phone if available
Loan dates
Interest rate type: ARM
Lender type: sub-prime
Lender name:
Loan amounts:
Property values:


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