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Pre Foreclosure Leads:

Pre Foreclosure Leads - Exclusive and fresh. Target borrowers who are late on their mortgage and have had a legal document filed or an auction date set to start the foreclosure process. This is a timely opportunity to offer your services to help save their home or sell their property. Perfect for short sale professionals, realtors and real estate investors. 



Lead Example:


 Owner 1 Name
 Owner 2 Name
 Mail Address
 Property Address
 Foreclose Recent Added Date
 Foreclose Attorney Name  
 Foreclose Attorney Phone  
 Foreclose Case Number  
 Foreclose Default Amount
 Foreclose Document Number 
 Foreclose Document Type NOTICE OF DEFAULT  
 Foreclose Effective Date 04/21/2010 
 Foreclose Lender Address 
 Foreclose Lender Name 
 Foreclose Lender Phone
 Foreclose Lien Position 1 
 Foreclose Original Document Number
 Foreclose Original Lender
 Foreclose Original Mortgage Amount
 Foreclose Original Recording Date  
 Foreclose Plaintiff  
 Foreclose Recording Date 
 Foreclose Trustee Address
 Foreclose Trustee Name 
 Foreclose Trustee Phone
 Foreclose Trustee Sale Number
 Foreclose Unpaid Balance 


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