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Use the latest technology to generate live and exclusive leads for reverse mortgages, short sale listing and mortgage refinances or purchases. IVR survey live transfers utilize the power of the internet to call thousands of people in your area and ask them to participate in a survey so you can conduct market research in your area. Once callers have completed the short questionnaire they will be transferred live to you for more information. Typically only large fortune 500 companies can afford to conduct important market research in a specific area about their company until now. Use the strategies of the big guys by testing marketing for your company before rolling out expensive calling or mailing campaigns. IVR surveys will give your company the feedback and data it needs to thrive in today's competitive market.

How the system specifically works for your campaign.

Your purchased list will be uploaded into the web based system that you will have access to turn on and off the calling and view reports and all administrative functions.

Market research candidates will answer the phone and hear a message.

The person would be live transferred to you so you can answer their questions or mail them more information.

Leads are fresh the day we process the order. - We sell only exclusive data that is sold one time, per 12 mo.

Pricing: Wholesale low pricing Call 1-866-261-6770

Need more data? Volume discounts and our low price guarantee.

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