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Below are recent customer ratings and reviews for the products and services that we offer. 

User: LFH
Rating 4/5 
"We previously purchased some refi leads form pioneer, they went very good we actually got a couple of appoimnet from them.."

User: captnam
Rating 5/5 
"I have tried other lead systems and blown a lot of money but they delivered as promised."

User: revmtgman
Rating 3/5 
".I had an issue with the data and it just wasn't for me. Pioneer promptly gave me full credit toward a mailer campaign that generated 17 great leads, thanks!"

User: Andrea-70
Rating 4/5 
"Although the dialer was a little difficult for me to learn to use. Once I figured it out I did like the service"

User: stevo
Rating 4/5 
"I liked the data for my calling. Best price too."

User: toprecloser
Rating 5/5 
"Brian Meara suggested I use the pre NOD data for my calling to find properties to buy and it did work. I bet I'll get 4-5 closings."

User: kevinprequal
Rating 2/5 
"I didn't like tha fact than the customer service was done by emaila nd live chat. I wanted to talk to someone."

User: robertsbob72
Rating 4.5/5 
"Cheapest lead gen I have ever done, good stuff."

User: andre-915
Rating 5/5 
"Without question, the best data service hands down."

User: andre-915
Rating 5/5 
"Without question, the best data service hands down."

User: medicareandmed
Rating 4/5 
"I just purchased Short Sale Leads  haven't had time to use it yet"

User: antonio-978
Rating 2.5/5 
"Results were mediocre for what I was looking for even with help from their leads."

User: kpeverly
Rating 4/5 
"I had previously written a bad review. I was contacted personally by the owner to resolve the issue. As a result of our conversation, I would like to ammend my review. They have taken actions to resolve my issues and I would reccommend their site as a valuable sales tool."

User: info-589
Rating 5/5 
"It's the best FHA Streamline lead deal out there. "

User: smk1000
Rating 5/5 
"I was very happy with the employees  and the HARP Leads too

User: ffnss2013
Rating  4/5 
"I am quite pleased with the level of support I have received in such a short time. I received a call from a customer support representative (as matter of fact, two calls and one email) and my questions were answered so that my group and I were able to hit the ground running with the service. Thank you!!!!"

User: Marain786
Rating 4/5 
"The Service is good, could allow for more dialer minutes."

User: michael_h-29
Rating 4.5/5 
"I find there are more leads than were discovered using other methods. Using the Radius feature simply by imputing a generic downtown address I have been very surprised that there were good leads I missed. I am in the process of going through all the old cities I already worked and finding a goldmine still exists there. Thank you for the great work and leads. MJH "

User: Marketing-776
Rating 4/5 
"It's the most affordable lead site I've found, and we've definitely gotten results from their Reverse Mtg lists!"

User: danhollister5
Rating 4/5 
"I'm very happy with the live transfer leads overall. There are some usability issues that could be improved, as well as some dated or incorrect info pulled up in searches (as you'd expect with any big database)... but overall I don't see how you can touch the bang-for-the-buck."

User: hcross-773
Rating 4/5 
"So far, so good! I wish that there was a way to mine the prospects as deeply as Equifax, but the cost is much less."

User: bbobby
Rating 5/5 
"I've saved around $1700 using  live transfer calling services over the past 6 months!"

User: chetholloway
Rating 4.5/5 
"Overall I am very satisfied with the HARP leads and the customer service is excellent"

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